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Don Braden Designs


Owner: Don Braden

 Areas of expertise:  Custom Craftsmen Furniture, Fences and Gates.

About Don Braden

DOn Braden Designs

618 East 11th Street,

Oakland, CA 94606

In designing and crafting my furniture, I am constantly attempting to balance my designs with the intended function of the piece, as well as with the many inherent qualities of the material.  Solid wood, with the potential of a lifetime of utilitarian function, also has a seductive appeal due to its unique warmth, color, figure, grain and tactile properties.  My designs beckon the observer to touch them. At the same time they release the woods' intrinsic diversities of color, figure and grain.
To use the best materials (representing decades, or centuries of Nature's work), I have responsibility to use it as properly and thoughtfully as I can.  This causes my handmade pieces to be contemplated board by board, and in a design sense, to design something visually exciting and to demand that it functions well - challenges both practical and aesthetic sensibilities.